Consulting Services of Dr. Daniel Stauffacher + Partner

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Dr. Daniel Stauffacher + Partner is a consulting firm based in Switzerland that helps governments, international organisations and private-sector entities communicate with a common language, thus enabling them to reach the appropriate level of mutual understanding. It is specialised in the design, promotion and implementation of strategies and policies for innovation – especially in the fields of sustainable development, information and communication technologies for development, crisis management and peace-building, as well as cyber-security and internet governance.

Dr. Daniel Stauffacher + Partner also provides high level advisory services on mechanisms for investment and trade promotion and helps generating and implementing investment and technical assistance projects and programmes for international development cooperation, including poverty reduction, private sector and sustainable development. The company can manage the promotion and exchange of best practices as well as the development and implementation of multi-stakeholder processes among governments, businesses, non-governmental organisations, academic institutions and media audience.

Dr. Daniel Stauffacher + Partner is able to assist these various and diverse partners, particularly in identifying the challenges of globalisation issues and in developing relevant international responses and appropriate policies.